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A grand scholarship plan for the brilliant students KG onwards

We are very glad to let you know that the management is even thinking about the students who are poor but good in study. The parents are not being able to provide them good school and sound education. Considering their problem, the school management has development this scholarship plan so that the good students and the poor parents might be benefitted. The plan is being shown below-

Scholarship Plan

Obtain % Rebate in Admission Rebate in Tution Fees
1. 90%-100% 100% off 50% off
2. 80%-89% 50% off 25% off
3. 70%-79% 25% off 10% off

Other Beneficial Points for Parents

1. If a parents have 3 ward –one will get 100% off in Tution Fee.
2. If a parents have 2 ward-one will get 10% off in Tution Fee.
3. If a parents Have 4 ward-one will get 100% off in Tution Fee and one more will get 20% off in Tution Fees.